Hormonal imbalances are responsible for many fertility problems in women, but a hormonal imbalance can cause pregnancy problems as well. Many women complain of irregular menstrual cycles or that they are not ovulating. Some women also experience increased cramps during their monthly periods. Many women experience weight gain and tenderness when they have menstrual cycles.

There are other hormonal changes that take place with hormone levels fluctuating. If a man is trying to conceive then the chances of conception will be more than if a man is not trying. There are two types of hormonal imbalances that affect fertility. The first one is due to a change of the male hormone testosterone. This type of hormonal imbalance is known as virilization. The other type of hormonal imbalance that affects fertility is a change in the female hormone estrogen.

Hormonal imbalances can cause a number of problems. One of the major problems that a man has to deal with is a decreased sperm count and motility. In some cases, the man may have a hard time reaching the egg and the sperm die after reaching the egg. Another problem that a man will encounter is infertility. If there is an insufficient amount of sperm, the woman cannot get pregnant. A fertilized egg does not survive and so the couple will only have one child.

Men can sometimes also suffer from hormonal imbalances due to the fact that the production of the sperm is also affected by the hormonal changes that occur in their body. The sperm can become more fragile and can break down more easily. The result is that the man will have a smaller percentage of sperm to fertilize the egg. This can also affect the quality of the fertilized egg.

Many pregnant women have problems during their menstrual cycles. In this case the most common problem that a woman will have to deal with is infertility. This problem can be caused by a change in the male hormone testosterone level in a man's body. This change can lead to an increase of the sperm count and an increase in the motility of the sperm. Some women experience the symptoms of menopause at the same time.

Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy problems can cause problems for both the mother and the father. When a woman is trying to conceive, there can be several reasons that a woman may not be able to get pregnant. Most women who are unable to get pregnant are not trying to get pregnant as often. They may not know that they could be having issues with their hormonal balance and therefore they do not take it as seriously as a doctor would. Many women do not take the time to seek out a doctor because they think they are infertile. They may be surprised when they find out that they actually need a visit to the doctor to find out exactly what the problem is.


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